Dr Yann Robiou du Pont

Climate Policy Analyst


Dr Yann Robiou du Pont

Yann is a researcher on quantifying climate justice and ambition, seeking to harmonise approaches of equity across scales, actors and disciplines. At Climate Analytics, he informs litigation cases and country delegations on the ambition of climate pledges and on just national contributions to achieve the Paris Agreement. At the subnational level, he is extending the equity framework to derive Paris-aligned emissions pathways for cities.

After diverse research experiences in polar research, hydrology, cosmology and oceanography, Yann obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne by quantifying emissions pathways for countries to align with the Paris Agreement. This work directly informed governments’ emissions targets, diplomacy teams for climate negotiations and to litigation against countries and companies.

Prior to joining Climate Analytics, Yann worked with the French think-tank IDDRI advising heads of European climate delegations, and taught in Master’s programmes in law and international climate politics at Sciences Po. He also worked with lawyers involved in climate litigation on countries’ ambition in mitigating emissions and in science-based development projects in Bénin and Vietna.