Sarah Schöngart

Climate modeling scientist


Sarah Schöngart

Sarah joined the Science Team of Climate Analytics in September 2021 to work on the PROVIDE project. Using her expertise in statistical data analysis and climate modelling, she applies statistical learning to climate model data to develop simple climate models that can produce climate information for a large number of greenhouse gas emissions scenarios at low computational costs.

Prior to joining Climate Analytics, Sarah worked at TU Berlin on the project Langfristszenarien 3, for which she analyzed and modelled the German gas transportation network to help develop decarbonization pathways for the German energy system.

Sarah holds a MSc and a BSc in Physics from ETH Zürich. She wrote her master thesis on the representation of atmospheric gravity wave breakdown in general circulation models at the Harvard University Center for the Environment.


    • Reports
    • ZERO IN on the critical decade Uta Klönne, Alexander Nauels, Debbie Rosen, Christine McKenna, Sarah Schöngart, Robin Lamboll, Joeri Rogelj, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Piers Forster (2022)