Dr Matthew Gidden

Team Leader Mitigation Pathway Analysis


+49 (0) 30 259 22 95 36

Dr Matthew Gidden

Dr. Matthew Gidden joined Climate Analytics as Team Leader for Mitigation Pathway Analysis in 2019. He focuses on studying sustainable pathways for meeting societal demand for energy while mitigating changes to the climate and environment. Dr. Gidden developed strong expertise in energy and climate change modelling during his tenure as a Research Scholar in the Energy Program at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

Classically trained as a nuclear engineer, he received his PhD and Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and an undergraduate degree in the same field from Texas A&M University. His research interests include investigating the effects and impacts of climate change on populations as well as the energy system mitigation and adaptation options available under different scenarios of the future.