Matt Beer

Data Visualisation & Graphic Design Specialist


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Matt Beer

Matt Beer is a graphic designer and our resident expert on data visualisation and communication. His main focus is on the Climate Action Tracker and ensuring the data from this project tells a clear and easy to understand story of what is actually happening, most importantly how current trends of various countries are in line with their respective targets for the UNFCCC process.

Matt has a varied background working in many areas and places. He studied chemical engineering at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia before moving to Perth to work as an energy efficiency engineer in the already climate affected Western Australian water industry. In 2010 he left Australia to focus on improving communication surrounding energy and climate change, spending time developing an educational website on climate change, oil and economics with mainly video content that is filtered so users with various knowledge levels can find material appropriate for them. He also worked on a data based animated video series on peak oil, attempting to teach the viewer the most important aspects of oil’s function in the economy in under 3 hours. His other work includes videos and info-graphics for various freelance clients.

His Work

The Peak Oil Files An animated video series explaining the science and concepts behind oil’s role in our global economy, specifically the dynamics behind supply and demand.

Banks: do the Paris Pledge video for Banktrack on behalf of over 150 supporting organisations showing the role banks play in funding coal projects and calling for them to pledge to stop and do their part in limiting global warming. A website designed to make it much easier to learn about the biggest issues of our time: climate destabilisation, peak oil and our economic system. The website content is primarily video that has been filtered by topic and knowledge level, so that users can find videos appropriate for them no matter what their prior knowledge level is.