Himalaya Bir Shrestha

Climate and Energy Policy Analyst


+49 (0) 1573 2389 191

Himalaya Bir Shrestha

As a climate and energy policy analyst, Himalaya’s work at Climate Analytics focuses on developing energy system models for countries and regions. For this purpose, he uses in-house modelling tools as well as contributes towards the development of spatiotemporal models using bottom-up and optimization approaches. He also contributes to projects related to energy system transformation via scenario analysis that involves analyzing climate policies, market dynamics, technological trends and socio-economic transition in-place.

A mechanical engineer by training, Himalaya received his undergraduate degree in JNTUA India and master’s degree in Renewable Energy Management from Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Before joining Climate Analytics, he interned at the NewClimate Institute where he contributed to the development of long-term decarbonization pathways for the power sector of Mongolia in the context of international climate mitigation efforts.

Himalaya has lived in Nepal, India, Germany and Netherlands. He has extensive experience working with interdisciplinary teams in energy and climate projects on case studies in Nepal, India, Iran, Indonesia, Mongolia, Germany, Australia and the EU.


    • Climate Action Tracker Reports and Updates
    • Scaling up Climate Action in Australia Ursula Fuentes, Bill Hare, Anna Chapman, Tina Aboumahboub, Himalaya Bir Shrestha, Anne Zimmer, Charlotte Plinke, Michiel Schaefer, Bob Brecha, Matt Gidden. Graphic design: Matt Beer (2020)