Anna Chapman

Climate and Energy Policy Analyst


Anna Chapman

Anna is a Climate and Energy Policy Analyst contributing to the Climate Action Tracker, the Australia report of the Scaling Up Climate Action Series, and a Climate Governance Assessment Project evaluating the readiness of countries to ratchet up climate policy from an institutional and governance perspective.

Anna’s interests focus on the development of climate policy and energy transformation strategies in the Asia-Pacific Region. She also works on projects with the Energy Transition Hub looking at how Australia can support a transition in South East Asia countries towards renewable energy based development, including opportunities for Australian renewable energy exports. In a previous role at Murdoch University, Anna researched the topics of green growth in Australian cities, and transitioning urban environments with renewable energy to a post carbon society.

She holds a MA in Politics with Honours from the University of Glasgow.


    • Climate Action Tracker Reports and Updates
    • Scaling up Climate Action in Australia Ursula Fuentes, Bill Hare, Anna Chapman, Tina Aboumahboub, Himalaya Bir Shrestha, Anne Zimmer, Charlotte Plinke, Michiel Schaefer, Bob Brecha, Matt Gidden. Graphic design: Matt Beer (2020)