Global Administration and Support

Bill Hare, D.Sc.(hon. causa) (Murdoch)
Dr Michiel Schaeffer
Henrike Doebert

Climate Science and Impacts
Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner
Dr Tabea Lissner
Rand Abu Ajamia
Marina Andrijevic
Dr Djibril Dayamba
Dr Adama Faye
Chelsea Jones
Dr Quentin Lejeune
Nicole van Maanen
Inga Menke
Dr Alexander Nauels
Petra Nieland
Peter Pfleiderer
Patrick Pringle
Theresa Rauch
Dr Fahad Saeed
Jessie Schleypen
Olivia Serdeczny
Emily Theokritoff
Dr Adelle Thomas
Susanne Baur
Jean-David Coulibaly
Kaylin Lee
Tessa Möller
Burcu Yesil
Reinhard Mechler

Climate Diplomacy
Damon Jones
Manjeet Dhakal
Rueanna Haynes
Dorji Tshewang
Kristin Qui
Leon Charles
Mahlet Eyassu Melkie
Imogen Rickert
Rodrigo Narvaez Rojas

Implementation Strategies
New York
Laetitia De Marez
Frances Fuller
Paolo Cozzi
Shweta Movalia
Nikita Patel
Rachel Pham
Eriko Shrestha
Raghuveer Vyas
Kouassigan Tovivo
Koffi Koumassi
Corinne Kowalski
Dr Jan Sindt

Climate Policy Analysis
Deborah Ramalope
Dr Matthew Gidden
Dr Andrzej Ancygier
Dr Tina Aboumahboub
Marie-Camille Attard
Claire Fyson
Gaurav Ganti
Dr Andreas Geiges
Rongxi Guo
Prapti Maharjan
Fabio Sferra
Claire Stockwell
Ryan Wilson
Dr Anne Zimmer
Apolline Foucher
Dr Robert Brecha
Dr Ursula Fuentes Hutfilter
Anna Chapman

Project Development and Communications
Lorraine Brindel-Schild
Ela Smith
Marc Hall
Sarah Heck
Lourdes Castellote
Matt Beer

Global Administration and Support
Claudia Neumann
Irene Thiede
Amandine Berger
Maiju Mikkonen
Hussein Eid
Paul Link
Luka Vasilj
Flavien Kwadjo Ezobafuno Vidja
Holali Ametepe
Amen Eklou-Takpani

Our Global Operations Team works in three different countries to ensure the smooth management of our various offices and provides support to all other teams at Climate Analytics. The expertise of the team covers management, human resources, finance and logistics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Working in a multinational legal and financial environment
  • Experience in the financial and administrative operations of NGOs and research institutes
  • Full project, financial and administration support
  • Expertise on donor requirements
  • National and international tax compliance
  • Knowledge of human resources and company law in various countries
  • Logistics and event planning