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In an effort to fight climate change, Germany announced plans to quit coal mining and burning by 2038. It's a significant move as nearly 40 percent of Germany's electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. But some environmentalists warned that the commission's recommendations are not ambitious enough for Germany to meet its obligations under the Paris climate agreement.  
A study by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) shows that over the last year, scientists have published at least 43 research papers looking at links between climate change and extreme weather events, of which 32 found that climate change made the events more likely or more intense. Climate Analytics' Bahamas-based climate researcher and IPCC author Dr Adelle Thomas, said: “Improved scientific understanding of how a warming climate drives or amplifies these events shows that climate-related loss and damage is occurring now, and that vulnerable nations, like small island developing states, need support to address these escalating impacts."  
Australia's weird political hunger games are the butt of many a good natured joke at any international gathering and this week's COP24 United Nations climate change talks in Poland are no exception. Article includes findings from a series of factsheets evaluating Australia’s emissions profile and policies Climate Analytics produced for the Australian Conservation Foundation.