China, US and EU post-2020 plans reduce projected warming

For the first time since 2009 the Climate Action Tracker calculates a discernibly lower temperature increase than previously estimated because of new proposed post-2020 actions.

Date2014, December 08
US and China flags, Beijing. ©nfalsey courtesy Flickr

Recent announcements by China, the United States and European Union, who comprise approximately 53% of global emissions, indicate a rising level of ambition, which are reflected in the slightly improved outlook for global warming by the Climate Action Tracker, should these and other governments fully implement their pledges.

These new, post-2020 announcements by the EU, USA, and China are more ambitious than their previous (2020) commitments. The effect of these new announcements is between 0.2 and 0.4 degrees lower warming than in earlier assessments of global ambition, reducing the projected warming to 2.9-3.1oC. However, there is substantial uncertainty from unknown long-term developments in China.

To learn more, read our full briefing and the press release.

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