Dr. Sarah D'haen

Scientific Advisor


Sarah supports the Science Team in the area of Climate Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation. She provides science-based support to national adaptation planning (NAP) processes in francophone Least Developed Countries. One of the aims of Climate Analytics’ work in this area is to strengthen national science-policy interfaces and to support scientific capacity building strategies in the field of adaptation planning.

Sarah’s background lies in academia, where she has been working on climate change adaptation, vulnerability and development since 2007. Her academic work focuses on household level adaptation and on national adaptation policy formulation and implementation processes mainly in East and West Africa. She is experienced in quantitative, qualitative and participatory research methods, as well as in combining them. Apart from spatio-temporal analyses of survey and biophysical data such as rainfall data, Sarah has conducted various (cross-country and cross-disciplinary) meta-analyses, discourse analyses and policy analyses in the context of climate change adaptation and vulnerability. Most of Sarah’s research is conducted in international teams, including with researchers in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Originally trained as an Agricultural Scientist, Sarah holds an MSc degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Before joining Climate Analytics, Sarah was a Guest Researcher at IRI THESys (Humboldt University Berlin) and an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen.


For a list of her latest publications, please visit Sarah’s ResearchGate profile.