Dr. Andrzej Ancygier

Climate Policy Analyst


+49 (0)30 259 22 95-38

Climate Policy Analyst based in Berlin, Germany, is contributing to the Climate Action Tracker and analysis of the INDCs submitted before the climate summit in Paris. Andrzej is political scientist specialising in the European energy and climate policy as well as transition towards low-carbon economy.

Dr. Andrzej Ancygier is a climate policy analyst mainly focusing on the impact of the energy policy on the CO2 emissions in different countries. He also looks at the potential to reduce the emissions by moving towards low-carbon energy sources in different countries.

Before joining Climate Analytics, Andrzej has been working for Hertie School of Governance and Environmental Policy Research Center where he has been dealing with the European energy and climate policy. His main focus was on the challenges of the transition towards low-carbon economy in the Eastern European countries, especially Poland. Andrzej has also looked into the dynamics shaping Polish-German cooperation in the area of energy and climate and has written a number of articles dealing with the transformation towards low carbon economy in different countries and regions, i.e. China and the USA. He has also been teaching about the EU environmental policy at the Berlin subsidiary of the New York University and global challenges at the FU Summer and Winter University (FUBiS).

Andrzej holds a Masters in international relations from the University of Wroclaw and a PhD in social sciences from the Free University in Berlin.

Selected Publications

Polish energy and climate policies under the impact of the EU, Andrzej Ceglarz, Andrzej Ancygier (2015).

Energy democratization? Societal aspects of de-carbonization in the German and Polish energy sectors, Kacper Szulecki, Andrzej Ancygier, (2015).

Possible ‘Contributions’ of European Energy Intensive Industries to the Global Climate Agreement, Andrzej Ancygier, Anna Serzysko (2014).

A Common Renewable Energy Policy in Europe? Explaining the German-Polish Policy Non-Convergence, Andrzej Ancygier, Kacper Szulecki (2014).

Steel Report: Carbon Control Post 2020 in Energy Intensive Industries, October 2014, Karsten Neuhoff, William Acworth, Andrzej Ancygier, Frédéric Branger, Ian Christmas, Manuel Haussner, Roland Ismer, Arjan van Rooij, Oliver Sartor, Misato Sato, Anne Schopp (2014).

Carbon Control and Competitiveness Post 2020: The Cement Report, Karsten Neuhoff, Bruno Vanderborght, Andrzej Ancygier, Ayse Tugba Atasoy, Manuel Haussner, Roland Ismer, Benedikt Mack, Jean-Pierre Ponssard, Philippe Quirion, Arjan van Rooij, Nagore Sabio, Oliver Sartor, Misato Sato, Anne Schopp (2014).

Poland and the European Climate Policy: An Uneasy Relationship, Andrzej Ancygier (2013).

Misfit of Interests instead of the ‘Goodness of Fit’? Implementation of European Directives 2001/77/EC and 2009/28/EC in Poland Andrzej Ancygier, (2013).